Partners & Clients

Gary Abram
Adam Falk
Co-founder and Managing Partner of HCap.  Abram's career is predominantly entrepreneurial, flavored with big company experience as EVP-Development with EGL, a $1 billion+ international freight company, where he headed training, development, human resources, and performance management. Abram had extensive (19 years) consulting experience within the insurance industry as a search and organizational consultant when he was President of Partners Group. 

An experienced educator and trainer, Dr. Ngomsi is a native of Cameroon and had lived in the US and France. He is a native speaker of French, three dialects of the Bamileke, is fluent in English and speaks some German and Spanish. Dr. Ngomsi specializes in teaching Americans about the cultures of West Africa, and in promoting a love of cultures, respect for diversity, and international experience among US citizens. His clients include corporations like Shell Corporation and AAA of America; government agencies and hospitals; schools and universities.

A Lee's Summit High School alumni and West Point graduate.  He currently resides in France and works in Corporate Strategy & Planning at European Aeronautics Defence and Space.