Course Description

GPA:  2.5 GPA cumulative or better
Attendance:  90% or better
Completed or enrolled in at least level two modern language course
    This course is designed for students who wish to pursue an in-depth
understanding of world cultures, languages, and diversity.  Students will learn multiple languages through online programs as well as develop cultural understanding through case studies, guest speakers, and international video conferencing.  Students will also study the effects of information technology on a global society.
   Students considering SISA should have a love of cultures, languages, and diversity. They should also be comfortable using technology, presenting in front of groups, and should understand the expectations of professionalism.  Students will be expected to think “out-of-the-box” as they explore our global society. Students will work in teams to prepare cultural presentations for real business clients and learn about being a professional. In addition, student teams will lead classroom presentations over specific cultures of their own choosing.  

   SISA is a flexible classroom environment that simulates a realistic intercultural consulting company.  Student grades are determined through a unique system where students receive a simulated salary and bonuses. Students are expected to think for themselves and be able to manage projects on their own.  Students will also be given the chance to develop their leadership and collaboration skills through their cultural projects.